Virginia highest of ten states in Native American admixture: average 6.2%

Lisa Alther just alerted me to this fascinating new information about estimated DNA profiles for ten different states.   See page 5 for the best summary in chart form.  Virginia is next to lowest for Subsaharan African admixture in Caucasians, and highest for Native American admixture.  If my 6% EA admixture as estimated in the AncestrybyDNA test is actually Native American, as I believe due to my brother’s 13% NA/0% EA results, that just makes me a typical white Virginian– far more Indian than the typical resident of these nine other states.  Also noteworthy is that Virginia ranks higher in Mediterranean DNA than most other states, which fits my own results and should be of interest to Melungeons of Southwest Virginia.   This motivates me to get the DNATribes test ASAP!

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