New Evidence of the Lost Colony in Bertie County

While writing Pell Mellers ten years ago, I learned that local folklore included traditions that the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island had relocated to Bertie County. Later, meeting Arwin Smallwood and learning of his Tuscarora research, I found that a tradition of this kind was preserved in the lore of that tribe, now relocated to upstate New York.

The first wave of news that a site near the western shore of Albemarle Sound was being investigated thanks to evidence in an old map came out four years ago. This summer, the Virginian Pilot gave an updated report on all the pieces of physical evidence that had been discovered and cataloged. Excerpt:

Archaeologists have excavated 850 square feet of the tract in question and found dozens of artifacts including bale seals used to verify cloth quality; 16th-century nails; firing pans from snaphaunce guns of the day; aglets used to form tips on shirt lace strings; tenterhooks used to stretch hides; pieces of pottery jars for storing dried and salted fish; and bowl pieces like those found in Jamestown.