“Easy to read while furnishing credible source information”– thanks!

Reading reviews can be a dicey proposition for any author, but I just read this one for Pell Mellers, and am very appreciative of “Carvet” from Houston’s remarks.

When writing a genealogical memoir of this ilk, one can wonder if it’s an exercise in navel-gazing and if anyone outside one’s immediate family circle will find any value in it. But the years since Pell Mellers came out have more than justified my hopes that some readers might feel this way about the book:

5.0 out of 5 stars is easy to read while furnishing credible source information October 23, 2014
By Carvet
For context, I am a fairly new amateur genealogist. My assessment of this book: FABULOUS. It has a real sense of place, is easy to read while furnishing credible source information, has specifics regarding people and historical background. I felt like I knew these people at the end of the book – and wanted to know them better. I wish that I could find or create just such a book for my family but coming from a nearby area in North Carolina, I am very happy to be able to enjoy this family history as a bit of a proxy. Sign me up for more.