An Outing with the Dan River Basin Association (and an award for service)

On Saturday April 4 I led an outing at Mayo Park in Person County, beginning with a paddling trip on Mayo Lake and then proceeding to a picnic and hike.  Last month completed my second term as a board member, for the last three years Outings Chair, of the organization established in late 2001 that has grown to be a major presence in the region.  The outings have been source of pleasure, but also learning as the incentive to come up with new destinations has involved many scouting trips.  The DRBA website has trip reports of many past outings, as well as much other information about the region.

Last night I attended the first meeting of the new board, as a former member, and received a standing ovation for the first time I can recall in my life, when given an award for my service on the board.  I received a beautiful hand decorated walking stick of Mountain Laurel, and a framed poem about time spent in nature.  Here is the proclamation that was read:

Paul is a founding member of DRBA who has served on the Board of Directors, as Vice President, as our first newsletter editor, and for the past three years as outings chair extraordinaire.  Paul is not only a creative planner, but has also served as coordinator of countless floats and hikes and has written many outing reports for our newsletter.  If you want to see, hear and touch the natural beauty of our basin, then First Saturdays are for you!  Paul has taken us hiking and paddling across the width and breadth of the basin.  The outings are well staffed with volunteers, timely in length, and varied to take full advantage of the changing seasons.  His leadership has brought us to sections of streams we had not yet paddled and to trails we had not yet hiked.  The outings have introduced new people to DRBA and many of the new acquaintances have joined our organization.  Paul has shown all of us the variety and the beauty of the natural resources surrounding us that we are blessed to call home.  Thank you, Paul, for opening our eyes and our hearts to the basin.  We look forward to seeing you on the trails and on the water.

In thanking DRBA, I commented that there could be no more ideal combination of pleasure and duty than serving as the outings chair.  In May I will resume updating the blog on topics related to Pell Mellers, as the Melungeon Heritage Association will participate with many other organizations in the annual conference of the National Genealogical Society.