23andme answers several DNA questions at once

Family traditions of “Indian” blood, devoid of any tribal identification, juxtaposed with Bertie County colonial tax records showing four lines of my ancestry to be “Free Mulatto” in the 18th century, led to my taking a series of DNA tests.  Those from DNAPrint, which is now out of business, were reported in Pell Mellers; they made Native American ancestry seem more likely than African.  Last summer I took the DNATribes test which reported highest matches mostly in Italy and other Mediterranean countries, and showed neither subsaharan African nor Native American results.  But only now with 23andme.com have I gotten results that finally answer the non-European admixture question, “were my ancestors partly African, partly Native American, or both?”  With more than half a million snps versus fewer than 200 for DNAPrint, the result is clearly positive for African, negative for Native American ancestry.  The 1% African result is shown in terms of stretches along specific chromosomes, so this part of the question is settled.  The possibility of Roma or East Indian ancestry seems remote but not out of the question.  The one result that is continuous throughout all the tests is that my deep ancestry is about half Northern European, half Southern European.