200 citations, 16 countries, 23 states

Among the rewards provided to authors by Google Books and Amazon is knowing when, where, and by whom their works are cited in other books.  Some years ago I started keeping a record on my Backintyme blog, mainly for my own encouragement.  Years after a book’s sales diminish to near-zero, other writers can continue to find it useful in their own research.  Today the total reached 200, the occasion for this celebratory post. The books were published in sixteen countries, twenty-two states, and the District of Columbia, in chronological order of appearance:

France, US, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, India, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Romania, Switzerland; Georgia, Michigan, Maine, New York, Illinois, Arizona, Indiana, California, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina.